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1. Name? Callahan T.
2. Stage Name? I'm thinking Heller Callahan or just my birthname
3. Age? 15
4. What are your motivations to be an actweur/actor? broadway, old hollywood, glamour, none of the trashy hollywood stuff today that discourages me. But Broadway, especially old broadway. Some of the people I deeply admire are Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters, and there are some others as well
5. What shows have you been in? there are many that I'm not terribly proud of but there was "A Christmas Carol" which I somewhat enjoyed
6. Which of these shows was your favorite? Why? Well none of the shows I've been in so far have been particularly great but I'm going to be doing "Into the Woods" very soon and I'm looking forward to that
7. Which time period/type of theatre engages you the most? older broadway circa 1930s - 1970s I hate this whole new stuff about wicked and rent It holds not interest for me
8. What is your most desired role? oh well there are a few I'd love to play either the master of the ceremonies or brian roberts in "Cabaret" either one would be a great role
9. I f you are off-the-charts pretentious, feel free to post your resume! oh nothing worthwhile yet to put on that resume
10. What are your future career aspirations? well I'd love to be on broadway or a cabaret/nightclub entertainer but if those don't work out I'd like to try my hand at costume design
11. When you get to Heaven…what would you like to hear God say? (If you maintain atheist beliefs, feel free to assert them.) What any theatre snob expects......"can I have your autograph?"
12. Name one reason why you are superior to others. Well I think I'm wittier then a lot of people in a lot of areas. I'm usually top banana in the shock department. I like to go by this Katherine Hepburn quote:

"Most people are raised to believe they are just as good as the next person. I was always told I was better"


13. Have you ever asked a prominent actor (famous, local, etc.) if they have any advice for an aspiring actor? alas no I got Bernadette Peter's autograph when I saw her in "Gypsy" but she moved on before I got a chance
14. What do you believe you will bring to this community? wit, fabulousness all around
15. Post several pictures of yourself if you wish...headshot material, in-production photos, or any type you see fit. Also, once you are accepted, we will want a 180 by 180 pixel picture for our member photos. And it's 180 by 180...because we say so!

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