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First Role In This Community

My application...Thanks for reading!
1. Name? Krystal
2. Stage Name? Anna Martin
3. Age? 20
4. What are your motivations to be an actweur/actor? Since the first time I placed foot onto my high school theatre, I fell in love. I began in small parts in "The Wizard of Oz" and loved every moment. The feeling of taking a crowd and putting them into your relm, is nothing that can be described. It's a high being in the light, and it's something I choose to never let fade.
5. What shows have you been in? Wizard of Oz, Ten Little Indians, The Foreigner, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!, As You Like It, Christmas Carol, Jesus of Nazareth Passion Play, I also work at Disney World, so we are doing shows right now for Christmas.
6. Which of these shows was your favorite? Why? Oklahoma! I was Aunt Eller, and she's a character to play! I had a great family cast who really put this show into motion! We had such a great time!!!
7. Which time period/type of theatre engages you the most? I enjoy reading about Greek theatre. Their enthusiasm moves me.
8. What is your most desired role? To be Ado Annie and Broadway
9. If you are off-the-charts pretentious, feel free to post your resume! LOL! I'm not quite that good yet, working on it. :)
10. What are your future career aspirations? Eventually I would like to work on broadway, even just as an extra. Somehow, someway, I will hit a stage on broadway even if it is for a split moment.
11. When you get to Heaven…what would you like to hear God say? (If you maintain atheist beliefs, feel free to assert them.) You crack me up!!!
12. Name one reason why you are superior to others. My drive would place me at a top of a list. Once my mind is set, look out. No stopping this one.
13. Have you ever asked a prominent actor (famous, local, etc.) if they have any advice for an aspiring actor? Yes, he was a local actor who stated, "Keep knocking, eventually, someone has to answer." I've also met the woman who posed for Tinker Bell, she was just an inspiration herself to have met Walt Disney.
14. What do you believe you will bring to this community? Encouragment! Anyone who needs words to lift them up higher, I can provide that.
15. Post several pictures of yourself if you wish...headshot material, in-production photos, or any type you see fit. Also, once you are accepted, we will want a 180 by 180 pixel picture for our member photos. And it's 180 by 180...because we say so!

This is the Disney point

In Costume at Disney. LOL!

Ado Annie!?!? No...Ann of Green Gables

Sorry, not home right now. Can I take a message?
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