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1. Name? Sarah
2. Stage Name? Sarah Marie
3. Age? 16
4. What are your motivations to be an actweur/actor? Acting has always been my passion. I haven't met an actor or been acting since I was 5. I was an average kid. My father always took me to see musicals when he could afford to. My extended family (aunts and uncles) all did community theatre for a long time, but didn't pressure anyone into acting, they would however reference lines from plays and musicals all the time.
I was a good public speaker as a kid so I evolved into an actor. My motivation is being in the spotlight of course and receiving attention. Why lie? I love attention and like to build a rapport with the audience. Plain and simple.
5. What shows have you been in?
I am not going to count lame-ass productions from when I was a kid. But there were the Christmas plays.Otherwise:
Clyde Wooden in Stop Thief!
Sir John A. Macdonald in The Dance of our Nation (A historical piece)
Father Rodger Schmidt and Rulon Stacey in The Laramie Project
Wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Jen/Custodian (soloist) in McCreary, Manitoba (tour)
Myself in Butterfly Wings
As well as anything associated with three years of drama and two years of vocal classes in school.
6. Which of these shows was your favorite? Joseph is my absolute favourite because it was my first musical. To dance and sing as well as act is an amazing experience and Joseph was full of people that were amazing and a schoolwide effort. I honestly think it could have toured. I also met my boyfriend of a year there so I have to say I am biased. He was Joseph ;)
7. Which time period/type of theatre engages you the most? Musical theater is engaging to me because it is something I attain to be a part of. Contemporary plays are engaging in a different way because the content is that much more important.
8. What is your most desired role? Anna in The King and I or possibly Tuptim. Preferably Anna lol.
9. If you are off-the-charts pretentious, feel free to post your resume! nah.
10. What are your future career aspirations? Musical theater is something I will always aspire, but on the side of a career studying sexuality and sexual behaviour which I feel is a more attainable career choice.
11. When you get to Heaven…what would you like to hear God say? (If you maintain atheist beliefs, feel free to assert them). I am not sure of the existence of Heaven, but I am a Taoist and believe that God is a part of everything and a being that is personal and must be discovered individually.
12. Name one reason why you are superior to others. I am ridiculously smart
13. Have you ever asked a prominent actor (famous, local, etc.) if they have any advice for an aspiring actor? I never have. If I was going to it would be someone working perhaps at Stratford Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ont.
14. What do you believe you will bring to this community? Advice, simple conversation on plays that we have seen/share in common. Added information in regards to casting calls, discussion about music and acting, singing, and dancing each individually. And Activity. I am very active online.
15. Post several pictures of yourself if you wish...headshot material, in-production photos, or any type you see fit. I promise I will post more when I buy my new digital camera but heres a few from Joseph, backstage. I'll give you the links in case they're too large.

http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n169/Wacky_Compass/caf8c2d4.jpg ---I am on the bottom, far left
http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n169/Wacky_Compass/7de488b4.jpg ---Farthest right in the pink.
For the record, I have gotten an awesome haircut since then, it was a year ago after all.
I'll try and post an updated pic of me if I'm accepted.

thanks for reading if you did :)

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