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first post!

greetings. i, being one of the instigators of this fine and storied establishment, will now post my completed questionnaire. read it.

1. Name? Aly

2. Stage Name? Victoria "Vicki" Grey

3. Age? 17

4. What are your motivations to be an actweur/actor? My love of literature and art mixed harmoniously with the musically and dramatically-saturated blood in my veins have driven me to the theatre.

5. What shows have you been in? "The Boyfriend," "Annie," "Bye Bye Birdie," "Breakfast At Meredith's," "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," "Post-Apocalyptic Utopian Friendly (A Pretty Sweet Intellectual Discussion)," "Don't Drink The Water," "Working," "A Chorus Line".

6. Which of these shows was your favorite? Why? "The Boyfriend" was my first ever (ensemble), and Lucy in "You're A Good Man..." was my first 'lead' but the best so far has been "Working," wherein I portrayed Babe Secoli, the slightly ridiculous yet fabulously admired supermarket checker.

7. Which time period/type of theatre engages you the most? I am very eclectic. I love Shakespeare and would kill to participate in it, but I am a huge fan of just about every era.

8. What is your most desired role? Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, "Wicked".

9. I f you are off-the-charts pretentious, feel free to post your resume! *to be added later*

10. What are your future career aspirations? I would like to pursue a liberal arts degree and continue my work as an actor, dancer, singer, and techie before deciding upon a certain path of vocation; though I am most driven to participate in the action onstage, I am also considering the possibility of directing in the very far future.

11. When you get to Heaven…what would you like to hear God say? "Bravo."

12. Name one reason why you are superior to others. I half-instigated this community by law of transitive cosmicity. Eat it.

13. Have you ever asked a prominent actor (famous, local, etc.) if they have any advice for an aspiring actor? YES. Elizabeth Ledo of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, while engaging her in a close personal interview.

14. What do you believe you will bring to this community? Beauty and grace Wickedness... in more ways than one.

15. Gallery:

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